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Wall Mounted Key Safe

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1. Sturdy material: Let our lock box protect your keys from damage by hammers, saws, drills, etc.


This instruction guide will guide you through the steps to reset your access code at any time.


2. Easy to install: It is very easy to install using pre-drilled holes.


3. Large safe storage: Dimensions: length 114mm, width 94mm, thickness 40mm, can hold up to 5 keys


Instructions for use:


1. Pull down the time cover to expose the dial.


2. Rotate the dial to the current combination


3. Pull the door fully open and add or remove keys.


4. Close the door, readjust the combination dial to lock the door and hide your combination.


5. Close the time cover.


Internal size: about 90*62*30mm




1. Keep the weatherproof cover closed to increase weather resistance.


2. We do not recommend using a combination like "AAAA", it can be easily broken.


3. It is recommended to turn the dial every week to keep it moving freely.


Size: 114*94*40mm


Package Contents:


1 set * password key box


Only the above content is packaged, and other products are not included.