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The Dictus Band is an orthosis to help people who suffer from Drop Foot. Drop Foot (or Foot Drop) is a neuromuscular (nerve and muscle) disorder that affects the patient's ability to raise their foot at the ankle.

Walking becomes a challenge for anyone with Drop Foot due to their inability to control the foot at the ankle. The foot may appear floppy and the patient may drag the foot and toes while walking.  People with foot drop usually exhibit an exaggerated or high-stepping walk. The Dictus Band helps those suffering from Drop Foot to raise their foot directly after toe-off - eliminating everyday obstructions such as doorsteps, carpets, and pavements.

The Dictus Band is a different concept from other braces. The normal standard A.F.O. - non-flexible - holds the foot straight to stop the foot from dropping, the Dictus Band uses a spring action with the rubber band and hook. This gives a more natural action and as a side benefit allows a person to do things that would be impossible with a polyethylene A.F.O. (i.e.: drive a car with their right foot).

The rubber band - the active part of the orthosis - on the Dictus Band helps keep the front of the foot in an upward position. When a person puts their foot on the ground, the rubber band helps raise the toes. The Dictus Band can be worn with any type of lace-up shoe or sneaker and by locating the rubber band to either the right or left-hand side of the shoelace you can control inversion or eversion.

It is important to note that when fitting the Dictus Band, the distance between the D-ring and the hooks on the person's shoelace holes determine the lifting ability of the rubber band. 

Fits both left and right.
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Included with Dictus Band

1 x Ankle band
2 x Latex Rubber Bands
1 x Monohook
2 x Steel hooks

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